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About Me

I have been in photography since I was 8 years old. I found an abandoned manual camera from my fathers drawer and I started to practice on my framing techniques (I never found out if the camera ever worked).

To further my learning process in photography I decided to take up darkroom photography when I was 12 with my brand new Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm SLR. I joined the school Photography Club. My first and only photography teacher Mr. Sirdar Khan. I remember how he taught me how to take a good photo of the lunar eclipse. Unfortunately he shortly passed away and I no longer had a teacher.

The next 10 years was just fantastic. Everything I wanted to learn was available on the Internet. I learned different techniques, there were resolution charts, distortion charts, and every other technical thing available I could imagine. The big plus was I get to see reviews of things I wanted to buy before walking into a store (you all know hardcore salesmen could be back in the days!!!).

I don’t like photo competitions but I love taking photos of everything. I love sports photography since I feel I am part of the action. I was once a 100m sprinter and rugby player and being an athlete always helped me with sports photography.

For those of you who know the term, I was once a “pixel peeper”.  I use to care about all the technical details of the lenses I use. I memorize the resolution of my lenses at each aperture value, the distortion figures at each focal length, the setting for each lens to minimize vignette, and the amount of noise my camera produces at each ISO setting. I know it sounds like I have no life at all but I rather call this knowing your equipment.  I gave up pixel peeping because a sharp photo may not necessary be a good photo. If I had a gazillion giga pixels in my camera and a lens with the perfect IQ and I present you the world’s first HD photo would that be the perfect photo? Think about it… It took me a long time to learn this but here’s the tip. “Forget about the technical details and start listening to REAL photographers.” The photographer could be someone you see in the street, an event, your uncle, your dad, or your friends. And if you really have no friends you can always come back and listen to me =) I love talking about cameras and photography techniques so if you have the time browse through my website =)

Happy Shooting!


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