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About Andrew’s Unofficial
OXY Sports Photography Website

This is my personal website. Andrew’s Unofficial OXY Sports Photography Website. What is OXY? Haha, its my college Occidental College in short (it’s a great liberal arts college fyi). I made this webpage in 2004 when I decided to become a sports photographer for my college friends. I don’t work or get paid by the school newspaper so I am free to share any of the photos I take. As an athlete myself I always wished there was one good shot of myself in action but that seldom happened. I was too busy with school (Calculus specifically) to be part of the track & field team but I had the time to take part in some of the sports competitions as a photographer. I hope in 30 years time some will look back at their photos and say "Back in '04 there was this guy Andrew Chan who took photos for me.” Just kidding...the photos are still kinna recent.

I no longer go out to take photos of OXY sports events since I am now back in Hong Kong but I wish to share with my friends some of my photography tips as well as camera news and updates so this website doesn’t just end right after I graduate. SO, the popularity of this website will depend on your word of mouth. Only coaches and athletes from OXY know about this website. If you like my website please help me spread the word so that more people could benefit from this website.

Thanks again for supporting this website!
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